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Reliable Cold Water Pressure Washer

31 Jan, 2020, 10:00 AM

I have noticed over the past few months that a lot of the items that I have been posting and blogging about with relation to the safeties on our pressure washers has started to catch on, which I am very great full. A lot of new customers are asking for pressure washers that have Low Pressure Bypasses (no pressure held in the line) and also pressure washers that have automatic STOP systems or automatic STOP/START systems as well.

I am happy to say that nearly all of our pressure washers are either automatic STOP or automatic STOP/START. One of our most common pressure washers that we sell are our cold water portable pressure cleaners and cold water stationary pressure cleaners that ALL come with Automatic STOP/START Time Delay Function. This protects the machine from being left running thus over heating the pressure pump and the bypass / unloader valve and destroying it to where there are costly repairs required to the machine.

We get a lot of different branded units in to our workshop that unfortunately don’t have the Automatic STOP or the Automatic STOP/START system on it and the only reason it has failed is due to the machine being left running and the water circulating back through the pump and the bypass valve and over heating. Some machines also come with break tanks which are good, but only saves the pressure washer from being left running for a VERY short amount before the pump over heats. Unless the pressure washer is connected to a larger header tank around 50 plus litres then you will have problems with the pressure washer overheating.

This is the reason for the Automatic STOP and Automatic STOP/START function on our pressure washers to help increase their life span and serviceability of the pressure washer, especially the pressure pump.

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