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Jetblaster started out as a service agent for all brands of pressure cleaners and pressure washers in the early 1980s. Known at the time as Versatile Pumps.

After many years of servicing pressure washers we expanded and took on manufacturing our own brand. While we produce our own brand of pressure cleaner we still offer service to not only our own brand but for ALL BRANDS currently available on the market.

We have a large service department offering both in house and on road service. You have the choice to bring your machine into our workshop for repairs or can book in a service call where our service technician comes out on site to repair your pressure cleaner.

Our service technicians have over 40 years combined experience repairing pressure washers so feel confident your machine is in good hands. There isn’t a pressure cleaner out there that we haven’t seen or repaired.

We also stock a large range of Accessories and Spare Parts for many brands of pressure cleaners. However due to the large array of pressure cleaners on the market we may not carry all spare parts for your particular machine but can get them in.

As with a car it is important that you service your pressure washer on a regular basis based on how many hours it is used. This keeps your machine running and prevents major damage being done to the machine due to neglected simple maintenance actions.

We do offer service and maintenance agreements where we come out once or twice a year, depending on your usage of the machine, and do the routine maintenance for you.

We also accept “walk ins” to our factory based in Bayswater, Victoria.

If you are unsure if your pressure washer is worth fixing we can quote the repairs for your at a low quote cost. This then allows you to decide if it is worth investing the money into fixing it or to purchase another unit. If you decide to repair the machine or purchase a new machine through us the quote fee will be waived.


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