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Car & Truck Wash Equipment

Detailer Hot Wash

An economical electric hot water unit that can be supplied with an optional wall or ceiling mounted boom to reduce trip hazards and hose wear.

HPW3ET Auto Valet Car Wash

Here is the original coin operated car wash that hit the market in the 1970s. This was the most successful single unit on the market for many years and it is still in use and in demand today.

Auto Valet (R) Foam Wash – Stand Alone

The ideal pressure cleaner for Service Stations or single bay car washes.

Jetblaster is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of car and truck wash equipment. Our range includes self serve car washes, inbuilt car washes, truck washes and multi bay car wash systems.

Jetblaster started manufacturing self serve car washes as early as the 1970s. Some of these units are still in operation today. The original model, Auto Valet® proved so reliable and long lasting that we still manufacture it. We have since expanded our range to suit every car and truck wash need.

Our pressure washers are available in both hot and cold water depending on your cleaning requirements. For heavier duty equipment such as trucks we recommend one of our hot water machines.

Our self serve car washes can be configured as coin or token operated,

Our units have been designed and manufactured so that they are simple to maintain and operate, reliable and long lasting. Our car and truck wash equipment beat imported units on price, reliablity and simplicity, hands down.

Not only do we offer these pressure washer units, but we can work with you at every stage of setting up or improving your existing scene. We offer installations and commissioning on all of our units at a competitive price. Please visit our installations page for more information.

We offer ongoing support and service for all pressure cleaners we manufacture and our parts and accessories are readily available.

Owning a simple car wash system is also a great way to increase revenue for businesses such as petrol stations or garages.

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