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Jetblaster Universal Ultra

This is our ultra hot water pressure washer, diesel operated, 30 litres per minutes at 2000 to 3000 PSI.

This all equates to raw cleaning power.

The Jetblaster Ultra is our ultimate in heavy duty, hot water pressure cleaning. It is a very powerful unit and is one of the only types of machines that can be run with a two gun operation.

This hot water pressure cleaner has been used on large earth moving equipment for the removal of heavy, impacted dirt and grease. It can be employed in any industry where other cleaners just cannot do the job.

This machine is built with a heavy duty stainless steel coil, a heat efficient Riello combustion burner, heavy duty high volume Interpump, an automatic stop safety function, timer display to show usage on job, stainless steel header tank and is housed in a solid steel powder coated frame.

The machine is easy to maintain, operate and service. The temperature that the machine goes up to is 80-90 degrees Celcius.

The machine is available in two versions as follows:

WP2000 – 2250 PSI at 30 Litres per minute

WP3000 – 3000 PSI at 30 Litres per minute

Included Accessories:

  • 10 meters of double braided high pressure hose
  • 900ml lance
  • Trigger and nozzle
  • External chemical injector
  • Short/Long lances
  • Sandblasters
  • Rotary Nozzles
  • Hose Reel
  • Extra Hose

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