Cold Water Pressure Washer

Our state-of-the-art Cold Water Pressure Washer comes in 2 versions – stationary and mobile. They are compact, durable and long-lasting machines, able to withstand hours of work day in and day out.

Both our Cold Water Pressure Washers have an automatic stop/start mechanism installed, not available on any other pressure cleaner on the market today. This mechanism shuts down the machine when it is not in use and restarts the machine with a simple pull of the trigger. This ensures that the internals of the machine are not damaged by being left running and increases ease of operation. Most other brands out there are fitted with a stop mechanism meaning when you want to start work again you have to go the machine and manually turn it back on.


The standard Cold Water Stationary is ideal for fixed locations and is now manufactured in a fully stainless-steel frame to protect its internals and increase its longevity. It can be mounted on a wall or a stand, in or outside of a wash area. There is also the option to plumb in a ceiling or wall mounted boom for ease of operation and increased life for your hose.

The Mobile Cold Water Pressure washer is ideal for areas that don’t have a lot of room and need to easily move the machine from one location to another, such as car wash areas set up inside the parking lots of shopping centres.

We manufacture these machines from the bottom up in our factory in Bayswater, Victoria. We use only the highest quality components in our machines to give it a long service life that you can build a business around. We pride ourselves on the quality of our machines and their ability to outlast the norm by far.

  • Interpump – pump supplied by the largest manufacturer of the pressure piston plunger pumps, triplex ceramic piston plunger pump, complete with stainless steel valves and solid brass forged nickel plated head with oil indication sight glass
  • Quality Italian Nicolini double flange electric motor – totally enclosed fan cooled motor with black epoxy powder coated finish to combat environmental corrosion; soft coupling mechanism connection to drive motor and pump for increased longevity
  • “ZERO” line pressure, solid brass adjustable unloader valve for increased safety and servicability
  • Auto Stop/Start mechanism increasing the ease of operation of the machine and its longevity
  • Stainless steel high quality gauge with glycerin
  • Industrial strength fully welded frame with fully enclosed cover and sides to protect the internals of the machine
  • Built with only recognised high quality components supported by world-wide spare parts back up
  • High pressure hose and quick release coupling system.
  • 3 meter long power supply lead
  • Motor protection by thermal overload
  • Complete operator and maintenance manuals
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • 12 month manufacturing warranty, conditions apply
  • Special nozzles
  • Hose reel
  • Extension lances
  • Chemical and foam equipment

Any questions? Interested in spare parts, accessories, or a custom designed pressure washer? We’re always happy to chat! Feel free to contact us using our CONTACT FORM.