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The Slimline is a self generating instant heat, hot water, electric pressure cleaning system. Designed to heat the water after the pump and other components. Some electric heated units heat the water before the pump, which will contribute to increased wear and tear and decrease its longevity.

The only one of its kind manufactured in Australia.

The water is heated through a state of the art system which includes heating coils that are heated up electrically between the ranges of 60 - 80 degrees Celcius and encased in top grade stainless steel, Sched40, 50NB, seamless pipe. The stainless steel heater pods ensure heat is not lost and is corrosion resistent giving it a long service life.

This pressure washer is fully electric, requiring no diesel for heating, no fumes and VERY easy to operate. Ideal for any area that wants hot water. It is the perfect pressure cleaner for food processing companies and alike.

Uniquely designed and developed by Jetblaster Australia, these units have a long service life.

Additionally this pressure washer boasts a full 304 Stainless Steel body ensuring that it doesn't rust and making it ideal for those areas with strict hygiene control.

The internals of this machine are of top quality including a Nicolini Motor, Interpump or Comet Pump, Eaton and LS Electrical components and PA (Italian).

Being a more compact machine than some it can easily be installed in a plant room or wash bay without taking up too much space.

It comes in a variation of models thus allowing one to have the option of different pressures and water volumes. All 3 of these models are 3 Phase Machines. The first model comes with a 3 Phase Plug to plug into the wall. The last two models require the machines to be hard wired in.

SLM 2/140 – 2000 PSI at 10 Litres per minute

SLM 2/200 – 3000 PSI at 12 Litres per minute

SLM 3/200 – 3000 PSI at 15 Litres per minute

Dimensions of the Machines

  • 935mm long x 800mm wide X 510mm high – 210kg

Included Accessories

  • 10 meters double braid high pressure hose,
  • 900mm lance
  • Gun & nozzle

Additional accessories are available for this machine depending on your cleaning requirements.

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