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Cold Water Pressure Cleaners

Cold Water Stationary Pressure Cleaner

This is our state of the art compact, durable and long lasting cold water pressure cleaner, able to withstand hours of work day in and day out, originally designed 15 years ago and still in demand today.

Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washer

This is a mobile unit that is easily transported to any location needed. It is a compact machine but industrial built so can be used for heavy duty applications.

Jetblaster Dune Buggy Electric Cold Water Machine in S/S Roll Frame

Introducing our Cold Water Electric pressure washer in a Stainless Steel Roll Frame.

After many years on the service side of pressure cleaners we decided to design and manufacture our own range of pressure cleaners with the idea to eliminate the same common faults found throughout the various ranges available on the market.

We designed our machines to live up to the standards expected of an industrial pressure cleaner, making it easy to use and maintain and one that would last for years.

We were the first to manufacture a Cold Water Wall Mounted Stationary Pressure Cleaner. While there are others out there on the market today our system is the only one to have an LPRS. This is a safety system that we have installed for the prevention of damage to the machine thus ensuring its long service life.

Having a reliable and working pressure washer is vital to its operators and which is the foundation from which these machines were built.

You will find a range of Cold Water pressure cleaners to suit your cleaning task, whether it be washing a car, cleaning a factory to cleaning filters, containers, etc; there will be a machine here for you.

We offer a Stationary pressure cleaner with the option of mounting it to a wall or frame and two versions of a mobile unit.

Each machine comes with a standard 10 meters of double braided high pressure hose, nozzle, lance and high pressure gun. There are numerous accessories that can be added to these machines such as chemical lines, rotary nozzles, foaming injectors, telescopic wands, twin lances, etc.

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