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Electric Heated Hot Water Pressure Cleaners

Detailer – Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

This pressure washer has been designed for companies that want hot water but NO diesel fumes. The Detailer is the budget version of the Slimline Series in that it is done in a Mild Steel Frame with a powder coated rust resistant finish as compared to Stainless Steel.


The Slimline is a self generating instant heat, hot water, electric pressure cleaning system. Designed to heat the water after the pump and other components.

With hot water, high pressure cleaners can clean EVEN better. Jetblaster offers a diverse range of high pressure industrial pressure washers that are superior in quality and performance. Manufactured at our factory, with quality components, our machines have been designed and built from personal experience in the pressure washer industry; adding up to over 40 years.

Our machines are designed to deliver the best cleaning solutions for our customer’s needs and offer features and benefits that are a cut above the rest.

Featured here are our two electric heated hot water pressure washers. Offered in a stainless steel frame or powder coated mild steel frame . Heating up to 50-70 degress Celsius (depending on the model), the hot water is generated using state of the art heater elements encased in one of the highest grade stainless steels available on the market today. This protects the element, contains the heat and doesn’t rust.

Having no diesel fumes they are ideal for areas that need hot water cleaning machines but don’t want the fumes. Rated from 1500PSI – 2900PSI and with a flow rate of 9-13 litres per minute. These ARE industrial rated pressure washers and built to last.

Both pressure washers are generally stand alone however certain models can be modified with wheels converting them to mobile units and allowing them to be moved from one place to the next with ease.

We not only offer these hot water pressure cleaners but we also provide service and spare parts.

In the event that our equipment in the standard product line does not meet your needs we can customise a design based on your specific requirements. Take a look at our Custom Built Page or contact Jetblaster here to discuss your high pressure cleaning requirements.

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