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Choosing the Right Machine

Pressure Washers, Pressure Cleaners, Karcher, Spitwater, KEW, Jetblaster, Lavorwash, Speedie Clean, Kerrick, Aussie Pumps, Lightning, Wap, Stihl, Alto, Gerni, Rolls and BAR to name just a few.


There is a large range of pressure cleaners on the market today ranging from small hand-held units to large three phase units and up to multi pump systems and trailer mounted units.


The varying models and the vast amount of different sizes can become quite confusing.  All you really need and want is the right machine to do the job, one that will perform correctly and live the expected time with minimal costs to you.


A few questions below will help you determine the right machine based on your cleaning requirements.

  • What will the unit be needed for?
  • How many hours will it be used a day (don’t underestimate its use)?
  • What speed of operation is required from the unit?
  • Does the unit need to change locations continually?
  • Do You Want Hot Or Cold Water?
  • What power source do you have available?


You should find that with each pressure washer available the duty rating and specifications of the machine should be readily available so that you can ensure that it meets your above criteria.


Duty ratings are classified as follows:

  • Domestic uses only
  • Semi-professional – low duty usage ( a couple of hours a day)
  • Professional – medium duty usage (3 to 4 hours a day)
  • Industrial/commercial – heavy duty usage (4 and above hours a day)
  • Price can sometimes put you off, but remember that if it is the wrong machine for the job it can end up costing more, due to repairs and down time.


Don’t waste your money to save on buying a machine that won’t do the job. It will have cost you less at the end of the day to buy a pressure washer that does the job.


One last rule of thumb for hot water machines is that if it uses more than a tank of fuel a day then it isn’t large enough for the job that you are doing.


To give you a rough idea on machines per industry we have laid out a grid below so that you can get an idea of the pressure washer that you may be looking for.


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