Pressure Washer Service

Servicing your pressure washer is a MUST!!!

A lot of customers do service their pressure washers but unfortunately sometimes not frequently enough.

To figure out how often you should service your pressure washer is usually based upon the frequency of usage.

Jetblaster has a basic service scheduled for pressure washers whether they are petrol pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers and alike.

If you use your pressure washer once a week for a couple of hours we would recommend having your pressure washer serviced every 12 or so months.

If you use your pressure washer a few times a week for a few hours we would recommend having your pressure washer serviced every 8 to 10 months.

If you use your pressure washer every day of the week for a couple of hours, we would recommend having your pressure washer serviced every 4 to 6 months.

If you use your pressure washer every day and almost all day, we highly recommend having your pressure washer serviced every 2 to 4 months.

You can always setup a scheduled servicing with your pressure washer servicing department OR if you service your own pressure washer in house then you can setup a scheduled service for your pressure washer as well.

Doing this will ensure that major problems don’t occur to your pressure washer from lack of servicing.

Lack of servicing to your pressure washer can cause a whole range of problems, such as if you don’t replace the oil or top up the oil in your engine or pump you can actually cause your high pressure pump to explode and through a piston or conrod out of the casing of the pump. It also can grind the internals of the pump to bits. This can also happen to your engine. We have had a customer destroy the bore in their diesel engine due to lack of oil change and servicing to the engine. We have also had this happen to a customers petrol engine, where we found a hole in the side of the engine from lack of oil.

With just a basic oil change or top up, cleaning or replacing oil, air, fuel and water filers will help increase the life span of your pressure washer.

What we also find that if your pressure washer doesn’t have an automatic stop function on it, which means the unit will shutdown straight away or within 30 seconds to a minute, you MUST turn your pressure washer off even if it has a small header or break tank on it. Leaving the machine pressure washer running with the water bypassing back through the head of the pump will overheat the pump and will mean you either need seals, valves and a bypass / unloader valve or a brand new pump.

A lot of petrol pressure washers have thermal dump valves that are suppose to open up and release the water once it gets too hot in the pump, but sometimes the pump is already damaged before this thermal dump valve opens up.

Jetblaster is able to service ALL brands and makes of pressure washers such as Karcher, Gerni, Kew, Alto, Nilfisk, Spitwater, Lavor, Kerrick, Jetwave, Aussie Pumps, Bar, etc as long as there are parts available on the market from the supplier.

If you haven’t had your pressure washers serviced for quite sometime then please call your pressure washer service provider or if you don’t have please call Jetblaster and we can either come out on site or you can bring the machine to us. You can contact us here to schedule your next service:

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