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How to Choose The Right Pressure Washer

Your first two questions

15 Jul, 2021, 1:14 AM

Sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile as it was very crazy during the last month of the Financial Year. So I am back now.

Today I wanted to touch upon a subject that has come up and give some information that may help you in the future.

Recently I have had a LOT of new customers call for advice in relation to problems they are having with a newly purchased pressure washer (from another company).  They have been either not knowing how it operates or they need spare parts and repairs as the place that sold them the pressure washer doesn’t offer them.

This is a big problem with the pressure washer market today as everyone seems to want to sell them. Whether it be a tool company that sells them or even online, however the necessary components of keeping that machine in operation such as spare parts, service, technical advice are important to running a machine

I have tried to inform new and current clients that when purchasing a pressure washer there are 2 x main things they should ask. 1) Does the company that you purchase the machine from do repairs and servicing to the pressure washers and if not where do you get them serviced? And 2) Are parts available for the pressure washer in Australia.

If the company that is selling the pressure washer doesn’t have parts to repair the unit, then I would highly recommend to NOT purchase a pressure washer from there, because if you have problems or need repairs done no one will be able to help and you have just wasted your money.

This goes for all types of pressure washers from cold water petrol, diesel and electric pressure washers to hot water electric, petrol or diesel powered.

When purchasing a pressure washer, if you are happy to just use the machine until it dies and then throw it out and purchasing a new one, then you would be able to purchase any pressure washer you like. If you are wanting a pressure washer that can be serviced and repaired without having any hassle of trying to find the parts and someone to service the pressure washer, then please ensure you ask the 2 x most important questions, are parts available to repair this pressure washer in Australia and do you or do you have a company that services the pressure washer.

This should help you choose which pressure washer is going to be best suited.  By all means this is not the only test but a definite one to start off with.


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