How to Choose A Pressure Washer

How to Choose The Right Pressure Washer for the job . . .

Today I wanted to touch upon a subject to give some information that may help you in the future.

At Jetblaster we both manufacture our OWN brand of Pressure Cleaners and service ALL brands of pressure washers.

In recent months I have been approached by a number of new customers requesting advice in relation to their newly purchased pressure washer (from another company).  The advice has been along the lines of how to operate the machine, where to get spare parts and where can they service it.   This is due to the fact that in most cases the place the machine was purchased from does not offer training, spare parts or servicing.

This is becoming more and more prevalent as we see the world move into the digital market and companies opening up simply to import machines from overseas and sell them online without a knowledge of the machine and its operation itself.  In the main these places do not offer spare parts or service.

My advice to you when purchasing a new machine is to ensure the following:

a) Does the company you are buying from have an understanding of a pressure washer, how it works,  etc to give you proper direction on the machine that suits your needs.
b) Does the company that you are buying from offer spare parts for the machine or servicing and if not do they have a place that does. (this is key because if you break something you can spend ages looking for it).
c) Find out if the spare parts for the machine are within Australia.

If the company that is selling the pressure washer doesn’t have parts to repair the unit, then I would highly recommend to NOT purchase a pressure washer from there, because if you have problems or need repairs done no one will be able to help and you have just wasted your money.

This applies for all types of pressure washers from cold water petrol, diesel and electric pressure washers to hot water electric, petrol or diesel powered.

This should help you choose which pressure washer is going to be best suited.  By all means this is not the only test but a definite one to start off with.

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