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Electrically Heated Pressure Washers

30 Jul, 2020, 9:57 AM

Over the years we have found that a lot of of our customers have been turning away from diesel heated hot water pressure washers and have been asking about electrically heated pressure cleaners. The main reason for this is that the client require the pressure washer to be inside but don’t want the fumes from the diesel or they don’t want to have to worry about refilling their machine with diesel to get hot water.

There is also gas fired hot water pressure cleaners either Bottled or natural gas but to have a pressure washer that is heated by gas gets very expensive due to having to have Class B Plumber install and certify the gas burner on the pressure washers.

We designed an electrically operated and heated hot water pressure washer for these reasons but the main reason was for under ground mines to have hot water underground and also for the food processing industry to have a hot water pressure washer inside and not have to worry about the above issues.

The electrically heated and operated hot water pressure washers come in a few different ranges of pressure, water flow and heat. The main thing about the all in one electric pressure washers is the power supply, so we do inform clients to ensure that they do have enough power supply to operate these pressure washers. The smallest unit that we manufacture requires 32amp 3phase power to operate and was originally called The Detailer as the combination of the pressure, water flow and heat is perfect for car detailing.

We have called this range of pressure washers the Slimline series and they are all enclosed in a 304 stainless steel frame. The water is heated up instantly at pressure, so there isn’t any delay on waiting for the water to come out HOT.

We are constantly improving these pressure washers as the years go by ensuring that they have an improved life span and durability for the owner and operate of the pressure washer.

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