Built in Quality. Engineered to Last.

Why choose Jetblaster?

Pressure washers that are built to last!

Jetblaster is an Australian manufacturer of Industrial high pressure water cleaners. We are a family owned and operated company that has been in the pressure washer industry for over 40 years. Jetblaster started out as a service agent for all brands of pressure cleaners known at the time as Versatile Pumps.

Soon after we expanded and started manufacturing our own brand of commerciall & industrial high pressure cleaners known as Jetblasters. Jetblaster machines have been around for many many years; some of our original models are still in use today. We build our machines here in Australia from the bottom up to ensure their quality and workmanship.

We use only high quality parts so that our machines will last you for years. We have designed and manufactured an array of pressure cleaners to suit every commercial or industrial cleaning requirement, including self serve car wash systems. We not only offer these high quality machines, but we also offer both in house and on road service to all makes and models.

At Jetblaster we stock a large range of pressure washer spare parts and accessories for various makes and models. This includes such items as high pressure hose, guns, lances, interpump valve kits, seal kits, surface cleaners, car wash booms, motors and pumps.

Know that when you visit Jetblaster you will be in competent hands and that we will have the high pressure cleaning equipment you are looking for.


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