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Warranty on Pressure Washers

11 Feb, 2020, 10:30 AM


Warranty is what I am wanting to blog about today with relation to pressure washers.

I have a lot of customers that ask me about warranty to new pressure washers and that every pressure washer company that sells them offers pretty much the same on their products.

Majority of pressure washers come with a 12 month manufacturing warranty and pressure washers that are engine driven usually have a 2 or 3 year manufacturing warranty on the engines and the heating coils vary from 12 months to 36 months manufacturing warranty.

The confusing part is for a lot of people is that warranty on pressure washers doesn’t cover wearing items such as the seals and valves in the pump, the bypass valve, servicing to the pressure washer, etc.

The warranty only covers a manufacturing warranty to the machine such as a faulty pump that has a missing item such as a seal and causes the pump to explode, per say, this would be covered under the 12 months manufacturing warranty, but if someone uses their machine and doesn’t top up, change or replace the pump oil and the pump explodes within those 12 months then this isn’t covered under the manufacturing warranty of the machine as it was due to the lack of servicing to the pressure washer.

Further to that, even though majority of pressure washer companies offer the same warranty on their equipment it also comes down to quality of the components that are used to construct that pressure washer and the safeties on that pressure washer to help give it a longer life span than just a standard pressure washer.

Speaking with other end users that have the same or similar pressure washer that you are looking at purchasing is going to give you a better indication of what to expect from the pressure washer such as performance, reliability, life span, etc.

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