The Revolutionary AutoValet®: Jetblaster’s Enduring Legacy in Car Wash Equipment


Jetblaster has been at the forefront of the car wash industry since the 1970s, with their flagship model, the AutoValet®, leading the charge. This post explores the evolution and lasting impact of this revolutionary product.

The Birth and Rise of AutoValet®

Jetblaster began its journey with the creation of the AutoValet®, a model that quickly set the standard in car wash technology. Its reliable performance and durability have stood the test of time, with some units from the 1970s still operational today.

Expanding the Range

Since its inception, Jetblaster has significantly expanded its range to include various types of car wash systems. From self-serve car washes to inbuilt and multi-bay systems, Jetblaster caters to a broad spectrum of business needs, offering solutions that surpass imported units in price, reliability, and simplicity.

A Commitment to Support

Jetblaster’s dedication goes beyond just manufacturing. They offer comprehensive support at every stage, from setup to ongoing maintenance, ensuring their clients’ continued success and satisfaction.


The AutoValet® is more than just a product; it’s a symbol of Jetblaster’s innovation, quality, and commitment to the car wash industry, cementing their status as a leader in the field.

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