The Inside Track: A Q&A on Choosing the Perfect Pressure Cleaner for Your Needs

Q1: With so many types of pressure cleaners in the market today, how can one make the right choice?

It’s true – from three-phase to trailer-mounted, hand-held to multi-pump, the market is awash with pressure cleaners of every conceivable kind. Yet, they’re not all suitable for every task. The key to transforming a pressure cleaner into a reliable asset for your business lies in choosing a machine with features tailored to your specific job requirements.

Q2: How do ‘Duty Ratings’ factor into this decision?

Every pressure cleaner comes with a specific duty rating. This acts as a guiding light, helping you assess if the machine is cut out for the job you need to tackle and the scale at which you need it to perform. Duty ratings typically range from ‘Domestic use only’, perfect for simple home chores, through ‘Semi-professional’ for a few hours a day or a few days a week, and ‘Professional’ rated for 3-4 hours a day or a couple of days a week. For heavy-duty needs, we have ‘Industrial/commercial’ machines designed to run all day, if required.

Q3: What about the cost factor? Is a high-priced cleaner always the better choice?

The financial aspect of a pressure cleaner is undoubtedly a crucial factor. However, the priciest machine isn’t always the best fit. In fact, buying a cleaner that doesn’t match your needs could be the most expensive mistake. It’s not just about the upfront price but the long-term value and reliability that the machine brings to your business.

Q4: This all sounds great, but I’m still unsure about the right pressure cleaner for me. Is there any help available?

Absolutely! If you’re unsure about the best pressure cleaner for your specific requirements, our applications table is a good starting point. This resource gives you an idea of the right pressure washer based on different use cases. But, if you’re still left with questions, we’re here for you. Reach out to us, and let our experts guide you in selecting the ideal machine for your needs. We’re committed to ensuring you make an informed and valuable choice for your business.

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