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Stainless Steel Heating Coils for Pressure Washers

24 Oct, 2019, 10:03 AM

Hot Water Pressure Washers, whats the heating coil made out of? is a question I get asked a LOT!!!

Nearly ALL Pressure Washers whether they are industrial pressure washers, commercial pressure washers or professional pressure washers all come standard with a mild steel heating coil. You can always ask for an upgrade to a stainless steel heating coil which you will find will cost around an extra $1000 or more for this upgrade. I have also found that sometimes even with the upgrade to a stainless steel heating coil the warranty on this item doesn’t increase and is still 12 months, so it isn’t worth it in the long run.

I am happy to say that ALL of our industrial pressure washers that we manufacture here in Bayswater, Victoria come standard with a 304 sched 40 stainless steel double wrap heating coil and the coils also come with 36 months manufacturing warranty.

We did this to our pressure washers to help increase the life span of the unit and to also put the customers mind at rest knowing that one of the most costly and important parts of a hot water pressure washer is going to last and give them minimal grief in the long run.

A lot of customers have asked about our heating coils as it is getting widely known that they do last longer as long as they are made out of high quality material.

I have found that funnily enough our hot water pressure washers, with the stainless steel heating coil can actually come in cheaper than other brands of machines when you upgrade their heating coil to a stainless steel one, so when comparing apples with apples or should I say S/S Coil with S/S Coil ours can be cheaper and come with a 3 year manufacturing warranty as well 🙂

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