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Skid Mounted Pressure Washer – Hot Water

16 Oct, 2019, 10:00 AM


I have a lot of customers that have enquired about our skid mounted hot water diesel operated pressure washer for their cleaning application and a majority of customers LOVE the machine but unfortunately sometimes the price of the pressure washer is the turn away point.

Yes, our pressure washers; this one in particular is quite expensive BUT they are built to last.

The Jetblaster Contractor Pressure Washer uses very high quality components such as a Perkins Diesel Engine, water cooled. This is one of the most quietest engines out on the market as a standard engine, without have to sound proof the unit and with the noise restrictions that are out there today, in built up areas. this machine is perfect for that.

I do try to give as much information on our pressure washers to clients as the price of the pressure washer does come into it.

If you look at it this way; do you want a pressure washer that you can just go out and do the job without having major breakdowns and losing business due to the equipment not functioning correctly? These machines are built to last and have proven this with our oldest Contractor pressure washer being nearly 15 years old and still operating up to 5 days a week 5 or more hours per day.

I do understand that spending more money on a pressure washer can be a turning point and some people and companies have a budget to stick it, but if you always purchase a unit based upon price and not upon the reliability and proven life span of a machine it can sometimes shoot you in the foot.

The maintenance and repair costs of a pressure washer that is purchased based upon price and is under rated for your cleaning application has proven to end up costing more money to maintain and repair the pressure washer and sometimes you find that you are replacing your pressure washer more often than you need to, again costing more money.

I always recommend to ensure that the pressure washer you are purchasing is going to do the cleaning job that you require and be able to withstand the amount of work that you require it to do without costing you an arm and a leg to maintain the machine within the short amount of time from purchasing the pressure washer.

This is not just recommended for industrial pressure washers but for all pressure washers, domestic, professional, commercial and industrial.

Always buy a pressure washer based upon what you need it to do and how long you are expecting the pressure washer to last and of course get the best price as possible but don’t always make a decision based upon price as sometimes, not always it can shoot you in the foot.

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