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Servicing you Pressure Washer

11 May, 2020, 1:57 PM

Jetblaster does servicing to all types of pressure washers and some are easy to service / repair and some aren’t. We have had a lot of drain cleaning machines in for a service and have noticed that sometimes getting to the pump and motor to service or repair them is more time consuming than actually servicing the pressure washer.

When looking to purchase a drain cleaning machine or any pressure washer for that matter, always try and get a machine that is easy to service. One that you don’t have to remove the whole machine from the frame just to drain the engine, gearbox or pump oil. The more compact maybe good and it maybe cheaper but when it comes to servicing the pressure washer just keep in mind the easier it is to service and get to the engine, pump and gearbox the easier it is going to be on your wallet.

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