Pressure Washer Differences

Someone once told me that “There isn’t any difference between pressure washers, they are just a pump and motor and all do the same thing.”

Fortunately, I don’t agree with this and here is why.

Yes, all pressure washers whether they be a Karcher, Spitwater, Kerrick, Gerni, Lavorwash,Rolls, Aussie Pumps, Jetblaster, BAR, etc all do have one thing in common and that is that they all have a pump and motor on them, but there are SO many differences.

Pressure Washers aren’t just pumps and motors, they have control systems, safeties, different quality of components on the machines as well that make them domestic, semi-professional, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial.

Unless you directly work in the industry and know the main differences and even small differences in pressure washers they do come across as being the same.

Lets take a petrol pressure washer as a basic machine. Yes most of these machines are the same no matter where you purchase them from, but there are a few differences that can make a pressure washer last or not last.

The differences to look for with this one would be firstly, is it made in China, is it Australian Made or is it imported by a reputable company? Is it a genuine Honda motor used on this pressure washer or a copy?

These 2 questions can be answered very easily by the price and also where the machine is purchased from. Even if you do purchase a Chinese machine ensure that spare parts are available for this pressure washer especially the pump.

The other main difference is whether the unloader valve is incorporated with the head of the pump or is a separate item and just connected to the pump via fittings? With this one we recommend a petrol pressure washer that has the bypass valve external to the head of the pump, but this will also depend upon whether you are going with a reduction gear box pressure washer (industrial unit) or a direct drive pressure washer (domestic to Professional unit).

Those are the main differences or even small differences that can make all the difference in the life span of a Petrol Pressure Washers.

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