Pressure Cleaner Servicing

Ensuring that your pressure cleaner is serviced regularly is a key point to ensure that you don’t have major problems with you pressure cleaner.

To help reduce the chance of your pressure cleaner having major problems, please find following a few key points.

  1. A pressure cleaner is serviced based upon usage. For example; if you use your pressure washer every day such as a car detailer, it is recommended to get your machine serviced every 4 to 6 months and sometimes even sooner. Servicing is based upon the amount of hours that the machine is used.
  2. With all pressure washers it is recommended to change and replace the oil in the pump and/or engine and/or gearbox depending upon which machine you have, every 100 to 200 hours. A lot of our customers do this them selves. They will also base the replacement of the oils on the look of them, so when they start to become dark in colour, they are loosing their lubrication and they should be changed. If you don’t change your oils and they loose their lubrication, the internal components end up grinding themselves to pieces and you are then up for a new pump, gearbox or engine all due to not replacing the oil.
  3. Always ensure you have a constant water supply to your pressure cleaner. If you are running your pressure cleaner and the water pressure or flow reduces, this will cause the machine to spit and splutter or go up and down in pressure at the nozzle. When this happens you need to turn your machine off and find out why. If you continue to run your pressure cleaner with this problem you will end up damaging the internals of the pump and the bypass valve. Sometimes beyond repair and those items will need to be replaced which is not cheap.
  4. The other main thing to always ensure is that you get the correct machine for your cleaning application. Don’t go based upon price, you should always go on what you are going to use the machine for and for how long to ensure that the machine will stand up to the task. If you go for an under rated unit then you will always have problems with the machine and you will find you will be replacing the whole machine earlier than you would if you purchased the correct machine for the job. If you are unsure as to what will suit your cleaning application and what machine will do the job that you require, just ask the sales rep and then do your own research to back up what has been said.

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