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Hot Water Pressure Cleaners / Hot Water Pressure Washers ?

15 Apr, 2021, 4:10 AM

Hot Water Pressure Cleaner, what can I say about them.

Well, as you would be aware purchasing a hot water washer can be very expensive and this can be based upon the brand name of the pressure washer, who it is made by such as either Australian Made or imported and also how industrial the pressure washer can be.

When I first starting working at Jetblaster, I found that a lot of companies were purchasing Hot Water Pressure Washers based upon the name / brand of the machine, such as Gerni, Alto, Kew, Karcher, Aussie Pumps, Rolls, Etc and they weren’t really looking at the price but on the most popular pressure washers used.

Not I am finding that companies are starting to do their research on the differences between all of the hot water pressure washers out on the market today, and there is a lot.

The most popular questions I ask people when they are looking at purchasing a hot water pressure cleaner and even a cold water pressure cleaner is as follows: –

Is it locally made and if not can you readily acquire spare parts, accessories and get the pressure wash repaired here in Australia?

I will always ask what the cleaning application is, to ensure that the pressure washer they are enquiring about is going to do the job that they require, such as; is the machine capable of keeping up with the demand and if so how long would you expect the machine to last operating under those conditions?

I always say NEVER purchase a pressure washer based upon price, being the cheapest doesn’t make it cheap and nasty and being really expensive doesn’t make it the best pressure washer out on the market.

Pressure Washers can be difficult to understand the operation and what is a good quality unit that will last, compared to one that isn’t. I do find a lot of people are more understanding of what they want in a pressure washer and what they are looking for, such as a stainless steel heating coil, flame sensor for the burner, easily sourced components and not just from the company that you purchase the pressure washer from, total stop or automatic stop/start time delay function, 24volt controls to protect the operator from being electrocuted and the list would can go on.

The main point I will always make is ensure that the pressure washer you are purchasing DOES stand up to the cleaning demand you have or will have for it and always ensure that spare parts are always readily available through out Australia.

Happy Buying 🙂

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