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EOFY Pressure Washer Sales

27 May, 2020, 10:00 AM

Yes, its that time again and everyone is trying to grab a great bargain on things they need and also want to take advantage of the governments instant asset ride off with purchases up to $150K.

Pressure Washers, Hot or Cold, can become quiet a confusing item to buy, especially when you don’t fully understand the differences between all of the pressure washers out on the market today.

There are a lot of imported pressure washers and there is nothing wrong with purchasing an imported pressure washer, as long as parts are available, servicing is available and you aren’t wasting your money on purchasing a pressure washer that isn’t going to do the job that you require.

I have done a lot of blogging about the difference between domestic, commercial and industrial pressure washers.

I have also done a lot of blogging on safeties that pressure washers should have to help increase the life of the pressure washer and safety for the operator as well.

Please ensure that you do your home work prior to making a large purchase of a pressure washer to ensure that you are getting a pressure washer that will do the job that you require without struggling and isn’t going to have to be replaced within a few years, as pressure washers, petrol, diesel, electric, hot and cold, should last for more than a couple of years especially in the industrial market.

Unfortunately, domestic pressure washers don’t really last that long and you can sometimes be lucky to purchase a domestic pressure washer that will last more than a couple of years.

I strongly recommend that you don’t purchase a domestic pressure washer for any industrial application, as you will loose more money repairing and maintaining the machine and lose of downtime from the machine not operating correctly, than the machine would have cost you to purchase.

Please also ensure that the pressure washer that you purchase CAN be serviced easily and spare parts and accessories are available for that machine, not just from the business you purchased it from, but is easily accessed from other service agents aacross Australia.

Happy shopping everyone and if you do have any questions about any pressure washers, please drop me a line either by our contact form on our website or by phone PH: 03 9762 2220 as I am happy to help and give advice.

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