Cold Water Pressure Cleaners

Jetblaster has been manufacturing pressure cleaners since 1973 and the range of pressure cleaners has expanded over the years. One of our most popular pressure cleaners that we manufacture and sell is our stationary and portable cold water pressure cleaners. With the frame constructed out of 304 stainless steel (besides our single phase portable unit) the frames don’t rust over time so that problem we have eliminated.

There are a lot of cold water pressure cleaners our that but not all are the same. We have incorporated into our machines safeties that help give the pressure cleaner a longer life span than majority out on the market. Some of our main features on ALL of our cold water pressure cleaners are as follows, automatic stop/start time delay function at the trigger so when you stop using the pressure cleaner, the pressure cleaner will time out by its self and then to restart the pressure cleaner you just pull the trigger. You don’t have to worry about the unit being left running and destroying the pump. We also use a low pressure bypass valve, so no pressure is held in the outlet line of the pressure cleaner when the trigger is released. This is safer for the operator as you don’t get a kick back of pressure. Other features these pressure  cleaners have is a flexible coupling between the pump and motor to help restrict heat transfer between the 2 major components and makes it easier to remove them from each other when required. We also use a step down transfer to 24volts, which again is safer for the operator as they can’t get electrocuted.

We offer a wide range of pressure cleaners; not just cold water pressure cleaners and all of our pressure cleaners are Australian Manufactured (besides the petrol pressure cleaners that we sell). Every pressure washer that we sell we offer back up service and spare parts as we have found this to be a major problem with imported pressure cleaners as sometimes you can’t get repair kits, spare parts and sometimes even accessories, so please ensure ANY pressure cleaner that you purchase can be repaired and parts and accessories can be sourced throughout Australia, otherwise unfortunately you will be wasting money.


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